The Art of International Negotiation
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Considering the fact that negotiating with a local partner is not an easy task due tohe our own individual differences, imagine how difficult it can be to achieve an agreement with someone from a different culture with different
(believes and values). The way that we perceive reality and the surrounding environment can be totally different than how our counterpart perceives the same things.

Culturale differences in negotiations is far from a new phenomenon. It has already was observed in ancient
Greece by the first historian, Herodotus (ca. 400BC), when he analyzed the difficulties in the trade negotiations between the Egyptians and the Greeks. Later, cultural differences contributed to the challenges of the Silk Road passing through differentcultures along the route between Rome and China (Imai & Gelfand, 2010).

This is just a taste of what’s to come in future volumes. This section will dissect culture and its application in
international negotiations, offering tools to readers to understand cultural factors.

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