About Our Company

CNW Associates is an International Trade & Negotiation Consulting Firm & Representation Office created with the main purpose of generating and facilitate access to international markets. We act as an important bridge linking different countries and regions, comprehending and transcending its cultural differences and political barriers.

CNW Associates (Europe and America) both are regional offices managed by Mr. Marlond Antunez and independent subsidiaries of CNW Associates Ltd., one of the larger consulting companies in Supply Chain and Trade Management with offices in UK, USA, and the Middle East. The extensive and combined experience of the CNW group makes us be one of the companies “of reference” in the market for its deep acknowledgment of the activity areas, and for being a group in continuous evolution and perfectionism assimilating best practices in International affairs and goods distribution.

CNW Associates (Europe and America) develop its services in four main areas:

  • International Trade Development,

  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Mediation,

  • Supply Chain & Logistics’ Consultant,

  • Commercial Representations

Thanks for visiting us and welcome to CNW Associates, the bridge that links your global business success.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

 Create knowledge and competitiveness to our customers, identifying and implementing the best solutions to get sustain and long term business

Be of reference in consultancy, negotiation and representation services in South America and Europe and recognized in the market for the high ethic/moral values and strong knowledge in its areas of activities.